Random Thoughts

Things happen for a reason

You asked her “Do you want me to stop chasing you?” She answered “It’s up to you” and now you stopped, and she’s longing for your attention.

She regretted saying those words, those words which she didn’t really mean to say. She was afraid that time. She’s afraid because you might just hurt her at the end, she doesn’t want to cry again, not because of you. She’s now thinking “I shouldn’t have said those words” — “I should have said how much I’m into him” — “I should’ve given us a chance” — “Now, I lost him”

You stopped chasing her. You’re trying to get along with other girls to forget her, but you failed. You can’t forget her because each time you date a girl, all you can see is HER. You are now thinking “Why the hell did I stop?” — “What if I didn’t stop? Will there be a chance for us?” — “I lost her now”

He and she may lose each other but remember that “Everything happens for a reason”. Maybe, they’re not destined for each other. Or maybe, it’s not yet time for them. But whatever happens, I know, at the end of their story, they’ll be happy because.. “Everyone has a happy ending, if you’re not happy, then it’s not the end”


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