FACTS about ME

  1. My whole name is Cyra Joy Beso Noda
  2. I’m fifteen years existing.
  3. My mind is full of negative thoughts. ALWAYS.
  4. I am not showy. I hate showing affection.
  5. I am a frank person.
  6. I’ve a bitchy attitude lol.
  7. I am lazy.
  8. You may not believe this one but I am actually a shy person.
  9. I don’t cry in public.
  10. I curse. (go judge for all I care)
  11. I love spicy foods.
  12. I prefer drinking water than softdrinks.
  13. I love icecream!
  14. Rocky road is my favorite flavor.
  15. Dark chocolates are the best!
  16. I don’t eat mushrooms.
  17. I like spaghetti more than carbonara.
  18. Vegetables? No thanks.
  19. My favorite color is blue, black, white, and gray.
  20. Dog lover 😍
  21. I love music as much as I love myself.
  22. I love late 90’s and early 00’s music more than the present.
  23. Silent Sanctuary is my favorite pinoy band💓
  24. Had a boyfriend when I was 13 (biiiiiiiiiiatch)
  25. Doraemon will always be my favorite cartoon.
  26. I can’t sing and can’t also dance.
  27. I’d love to wear girly clothes but I can’t for some reasons.
  28. I was once a fan of Chicser (I have been keeping this thing to myself but i’m opening it now to public. Ugh)
  29. My most hated subjects are History and Chemistry.
  30. I hate promises.
  31. Fries is my comfort food.
  32. I hate getting too attached to people.
  33. I am the youngest child in the family.
  34. My parents used to call me Lalay and Momay when I was three years old.
  35. I haven’t been into any beach resorts before but I love beach.
  36. I hate having absent so I always attend class even if i’m feeling blue.
  37. I used to take down every single detail of the topic back in elementary, LOL.
  38. I only trust few people.
  39. My forehead is bigger than my future (iykwim).
  40. My thumb toenails’ shape are not same.
  41. One of my pet peeves: People who bite their nails.
  42. I am afraid of cockroaches, rats,frogs, and big spiders.
  43. When I was in grade school I tried tumbling for the first time and I had a bad fall, after that I swear not to do it again.
  44. I am good at giving an advice.
  45. I am after someone’s personality, I don’t care about their appearance.

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